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Jurassic Island Survival MOD APK is a captivating survival game in which you be on an island with dangerous creatures. Download it for free.
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Jun 21, 2022
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Jurassic Island Survival Mod Apk is a captivating survival game in which you are on an island with dangerous creatures. You must seek a way of survival by locating your own weapon and protecting the animals that will help you in hunting. Find the resources you need and begin crafting weapons and other items. Take a hunt and kill dinosaurs or the other animals found on that desert island. 


In this game players can take part in a wild hunt during the Jurassic period. There were no technology at that time, just living on an abandoned, rocky island. The island is surrounded by a vast ocean that’s not welcoming you also. The Jurassic island is right in front of you, and you must research for food sources to defend yourself, and locate shelters. Explore the island to discover more innovative weapons for self-defenses. That place is not for weak people because there is no way security in the jungle, and you must show your strength and endurance to remain alive.

Jurassic Survival Island Mod Apk ConquerorJurassic Survival Island Mod Apk

Constructing strong fences to protect yourself and your home from predators. Take on the Jurassic by using your survival abilities, locate exciting power-ups around the island. You can exchange them for valuable items that you’ll require for your survival. Find dragon eggs, take care of them and keep huge pets and a dragon always there for you.

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Main Features Of Jurassic Island Survival

Survival Games

Survival isn’t as simple as it sound. You must create an arsenal, find food, and make a home .Your main objective is simple – live on an oceanic island. The island provides a vast array of materials and resources: you can rip the wood out of trees using your own hands, find stones and create weapons.

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Monitor Health Every Day

Players are constantly concerned about their health in the middle of the thin line between death and life. You can stay healthy all day, but every day could be your final day on the island of dinosaurs. Now, your character’s fate rests solely on your ability. The basic goal is not easy – to survive in the gruesome dinosaur-infested jungle. This forest has a wealth of necessary resources and resources. Find out what’s of the dinosaurs in the wild park.

Reverting To Pre-Trial Times

Shortly, the story of humanity is slowly fading. Everyone is curious to find out what life was like back then. You would like to travel back in time to look at everything. This is all in Jurassic Survival Island. You can go wherever you’d like to go. It is a truly strange place and you will amaze to find dinosaurs. It’s not a fantasy and all the things are real. There is the Lord of the landscape, the Lord who rules skies, and then the Lord over the oceans. Everything is fascinating in Jurassic Survival Island.

Conquer Different Types Of Dinosaurs

If you’ve seen numerous dinosaurs in Jurassic Survival Island, you must think of catching them. It’s easy to do; over time, you will need to find dinosaur eggs. Once the requirements for eggs are fulfilled, you make it incubate and then wait for the egg to hatch. Many dinosaurs can help you to easily move around the ground. Some can assist you in exploring the sky, and others easily join them in the ocean.

Ancient Animals

In the realm of creatures, Jurassic Survival Island is similar to the fairy tales. The ancestors of all living things were born in this place. Dinosaurs with wings that were wide were ablaze across the sky. Its claws are sharp and will instantly kill the prey. The Lord of the Sky is in charge of everything in the sky. There are landlords, as well as sea lords, all of who have their special skills. They are all asking for rain and wind in the current era. Let’s amazed by the beauty of the lords of Jurassic Survival Island.

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Explore New Territories

It’s a shame not to visit this location without taking a walk around. Take a ride on the herbivore dinosaur, and begin your adventure. The stunning scenes begin to pop up in front of your eyes. This scene is available only within Jurassic Survival Island. Do not overlook these delicious items. They will prove very helpful to you.

The time of dinosaurs is something that many people longing for. Your desire to hunt them and discover the true nature of dinosaurs can be fulfilled by downloading the Jurassic Survival Island Mod Apk

Attack Or Tame Dinosaurs

The animals that were once part of the game will soon become an integral component of your life. They will help you find plentiful food sources and withstand natural abrasions by wearing clothes made of skins. Of course, taking down dinosaurs with special skills is not an easy job. You must cautious because you’re not just a skilled hunter, but the dinosaurs are hunting you personally.

Furthermore, you could also train these large animals to make them your pets. They’ll become a moving device, securing players from threats from different angles. There’s a lot of things you can do with the old species on Jurassic Survival Island. Play the game on your own to experience the excitement.

Game Key Features

  • It is completely free to explore the mysterious Jurassic island.
  • The game monitors your health and determines whether you’ll survive or die.
  • Explore wild nature, make use of resources to improve heroes, and discover the dinosaur valley.
  • Experience the real-life night and day cycle of the valley of dinosaurs.
  • You can earn money and gold to purchase any items in the Jurassic Island

How Do You Install Jurassic Survival Island Mod Apk?

Step 1. Click the APK link given down the article and begin download the game onto your device.

Step 2. When the download process is complete. After that, click “Install” at the top of the screen to install the game.

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Step 3. The installation procedure will complete within a short time. Follow that, the icon for the game will show at the top of the screen if the installation has became successful.

Step 4. Lastly, it is time to click on the Jurassic Survival Island icon on the screen and begin playing it immediately.


The Survival Island Mod Apk is  brand new survival game that features dinosaurs. You’ll live on an island near these amazing creatures that are both fun and very dangerous! In the end, you’ll find a variety of crafts and fights on the three islands in the ocean, and your primary goal is survival! The process of survival isn’t quite as simple as it seems. You’ll have to build weapons, gather food sources, and construct a camp. The aim of your adventure is simple – reside on the island within the sea. The island has a huge array of important materials and resources. It is possible to smash wood by hand, pound precious stones, or build weapons.

Player’s Reviews

Melissa Fair

The game is fantastic, and I’m sure that other players will also enjoy the experience that I’ve had. It doesn’t download viruses or run extremely slow, but it doesn’t cheat and isn’t too expensive. It is a pretty decent strategy to survive. The only issue is that when building your own home or other structure, the walls aren’t as sturdy as they aren’t attached to the ground. You need to solve that issue. That’s the only issue with the game. Everything else is great, keep it up.

Alitza Trevino

There were some reviews in which it said that it was slow or glitchy. However, it never happened to me. If there are advertisements, I turn off the internet because it’s amazing and fascinating, even if it’s difficult to find dinosaur eggs. I love it! I’ve built my own house, but the only issue is that you need to build bigger islands and more materials once you gather them, but other than that, the game is fantastic; you must try it. Best of luck.

Nyasa Slater

This is the most amazing game I’ve ever played. It’s amazing! Everybody should play this game. I cannot stop playing it. Amazingly, it’s not the only royal game in the world. Enjoy it, and I suggest you try it.

What's new

- Various user interface improvements.
- Player name skin\hair tone customization.
- Bug fixes.

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How to Download And Install Download Jurassic Survival Island Mod Apk (No ads, Free Gems) APK?

Click on "Download" Button for downloading free Apk from

1. Tap the downloaded Download Jurassic Survival Island Mod Apk (No ads, Free Gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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