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Google Play Store Vs. Huawei app gallery

If you are a Samsung user or using any other brand device, you have a google app store in it, but you are facilitated with Huawei App gallery if you have a Huawei device. Today I will discuss what the Huawei app gallery is and what the consequences are behind its development.

App intro

Huawei is a company in China. The CEO and the founder of the Company are Ren Zhengfei. The headquarters of the app gallery is in Shenzhen, China. Huawei is a global information and technology provider.

Huawei app gallery is a type of app store. Huawei app gallery arrived in the market after the trade conflict between America and China. In the conflict, google removed Huawei as a stakeholder, which means Huawei can not use the google play store. After the conflict, China started working on Huawei’s app gallery and made it similar to the play store.

Now let’s talk about how many apps in Huawei’s app gallery is offering? The app gallery contains many categories of applications like Games, social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, fitness apps, and many more you need in your daily life.

As the play store stopped working on the Huawei devices and the user started shifting to other company phones, the company needed to make an application that could work as the device’s application provider was an important task. It was invented in 2011, but after the conflict, the app gallery stands at a leading position in the market. It is also available for other android devices if they want to try the app gallery. This application is free.

Now you have good knowledge about the app and if it attracts you, so why are you waiting? Download the Huawei app store to discover whether it is better than the google play store or not.


We know that you are curious about the features of the Huawei app gallery. So now we are going to highlight some of the features below;

App Management

After the development of the Huawei app store, several settings can manage the categories of apps. The user can easily find any application that he wants. Similarly, all the apps are present in the Huawei app gallery, and therefore, it is called a universal store. When you search for an application, the Huawei store gives a complete description of that application.


The Huawei app gallery uses 1 GB of storage data of your Huawei device that contains all content about the app gallery’s applications and makes your work easy. All the downloaded apps and the pending downloads appear in the download history.

Quick Apps

Huawei app gallery has an ecosystem free app that is known as the quick apps. Quick apps are the application that appear as shortcuts. There are almost 2000 quick apps that appear on the first-tap screen.

Number of Apps

People ask that how many apps are there in the google play store? Similarly, the Huawei app gallery’s most asked question is how many apps the Huawei app gallery contains? So let me tell you that the app gallery contains approximately 45,000 apps.

Details of app

The Huawei app gallery is the most used app worldwide. It occupies around 1GB of space of your device. You can use App Gallery on supporting devices and it is compatible with android devices and PCs only.


The Huawei app gallery is a user-friendly application. You can install it easily. It takes less time to install however the downloading depends on the speed of your internet connection.

This app’s fantastic thing is that you can set a theme according to your taste, like a bright or dark theme. This application does not show any troubleshoot issues on any device.

How to install or download

If you are a Huawei user, the app gallery is already present on your device. Consequently, if you are any other android device user, then follow some simple steps, and you are good to go;

1. Click on the link given below.

2. Then, tap on the option of download.

3. When the app downloading completes, and go to your phone setting.

4. Enable the security settings to install the unknown source application.

5. After the installation completes, open the app and start to enjoy the Huawei app gallery.

                                                       Enjoy the app gallery!

Additional features

NameHuawei app gallery
CriteriaApp provider
Size1 Gb
RequirementVaries with device
Root requireNo
In-app purchasesNo
No. of downloads450 billion
Last updated date1 February 2021


Is it safe for the other devices?

Yes, it is very much safe for the other devices too.

Does the app require money for downloading any app?

No, downloading the app does not require any money from the user.

Is the quick app system helpful?

Yes, the system is very much helpful because you can find your required app easily.

Don’t you think the storage of the app is relatively heavier?

Storage is required as it is one-time storage. The app won’t need any repository other than this for the history of download or anything else.

Is the Huawei app gallery better than the google play store?

Most of the users prefer the app gallery over the google app store.


The Huawei app gallery is similar to the google play store, but its demand increases daily compared to the google app store. There are incredible options in this game, such as theme opinion, quick app system, and much more.

The number of downloads of the Huawei app gallery is 450 billion+. It contains more than 45,000 apps divided into categories according to their specifications.  You don’t have to make a Huawei account for it, and you can use your google account.

It is beneficial to Huawei users because the google play store doesn’t work on those devices. It also has a voice system where you can call the app’s name and display it on your screen.

Many people are users of the Huawei app gallery because the Huawei company makes devices for a reasonable range of prices for people and gives them all possible services for their enjoyment.

That is why the company receives high ratings from the people, and the app gallery became the most used app ever.

So we will end up here. And we hope you are thoroughly excited about the app and are ready to install it, so why are you waiting? Download the Huawei app gallery and enjoy.

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