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GTA San Andreas Cleo Mod comes with the Cleo Menu. In this version, everything within the game is completely unlocked and accessible. Enjoy unlimited cash in the game and spend it on whatever you want.
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Mar 21, 2019
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GTA San Andreas Cleo Mod APK is the modified version that comes with the Cleo Menu, which you can make use of to access all features at no cost. In this version, everything within the game is completely unlocked and accessible. Enjoy unlimited cash in the game and spend it on whatever you want.

Customize your car and vehicles. Gain extra health as a security measure and kill your foes effortlessly. Have unlimited ammo to complete your mission and eliminate criminals. Save your progress to Cloud storage, and you can play without an internet connection for no cost.

What Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The Grand Theft Auto series began in 1997. Currently, there are 16 games in the series, including Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This shows just how massive and popular these games are! To prove that more, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has more than one million downloads on Google Play Store alone!

The story in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas begins with Carl Johnson leaving Los Santos, San Andreas. The city was in the midst of chaos due to gang wars, drug abuse, and corruption were rampant. After five years, it’s 1990, and Carl is desperate to return back to his home. The murder of his mother is on the horizon, his family is bound with a thin piece of paper, and his family is going to hell.

GTA SAN Andreas Cleo MOD APK

When he returned to his neighborhood, corrupt cops began to accuse him of the murder he didn’t commit. The man is now forced to go on the journey to San Andreas to make everything return to normal. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a game that takes the best aspects of its predecessors and makes them even more enjoyable. It’s still a game of role-playing with an open world; however, there’s lots of action and intrigue.

GTA SAN Andreas Cleo MOD APK

There are a lot of tasks to be completed in this game, and each one becomes more difficult. The game will see you have to face the streets with gangsters, mafia, and even the police while you complete the required tasks. However, most importantly, this is a game that can really make your love of open-world games blossom!

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Features Of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Mod Apk have impressive features that can make some games look like crap. The game was launched more than 10 years ago, yet players are still playing it in the present! Why? Here are the characteristics:

Amazing Graphics

As I mentioned before, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is still an absolute beast even in the modern-day. However, in order to make it better to play on mobile devices, Rockstar Games remastered this game to ensure that the graphics are compatible with any device. That includes lighting enhancements, a more vibrant color palette, and the character’s redesign. All of the elements are redesigned to give it a fresh appearance, but it still gives the same gameplay we all enjoy.

Plenty Of Missions

This game features missions that are star in the game. To progress in storyline, you have to complete all the missions. In the beginning, these missions are very easy enough to catch up. However, it is not possible to do missions all over again in the later levels when the difficulty rises.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is more than 70 hours of gaming, so anticipating that you need  over the next few months to play this game . If you’d like to get away from the mission, it is possible to take part in side missions or just wander around the vast, stunning beauty that is San Andreas.

Cloud Save Assistance

Another feature that have added to mobile gaming is cloud save support. That’s means you can play on all your devices if you’re a member or a part of Rockstar Social Club Members. This means you can play on any of your devices. It is still possible to play and progress through the tasks.

Simple Controls

In this game, it is easy to control the game. You simply drag the motion wheel to move your character. The choices like jump, fire, and many other options are visible on the right-hand portion of the display. When playing GTA San Andreas Mod Apk offline, there are three different control options that you can select, and all one is customizable to suit your needs. This allows you to enjoy the game in the best comfort no matter which device you are using.

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Customizable Vehicles

In addition to the missions, as well as the characters, the cars are crucial to the game. Some people simply play this game to play the cars! Why? The reason is because there are lots of cars available in this game! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a variety of helicopters, supercars, and motorbikes you can modify!  For example, you can alter the color of the paint wheels, engine as well as shock absorbers! This lets you complete missions with capability or simply discover the wonderful world of the game.

Online Gameplay

Another thing that make gamers ecstatic is that this game can even be played on the internet! In the beginning, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas wasn’t online, so there’s no reason to be surprised by this. Nowadays, a lot of games on mobile require internet connectivity to play, so this is an excellent feature.

Requirement For Downloading GTA San Andreas Cleo MOD APK 

  • Fastman92 Limit Adjuster Plugin
  • Cleo menu Minimum Hardware Requirements For GTA SAN Andreas
  • CPU: Pentium 3rd or Athlon Equivalent
  • CPU Speed: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • OS: Window 2000/XP and Windows only.
  • Video Card 64MB Directx 8.1 suitable video card (Nvidia GeForce 3 or higher)
  • Total Video RAM: 64 MB
  • 3D: Yes
  • Pixel Shader: 1.1

How To Download?

  1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. Start the browser you are using on your Android device.
  3. Click on the search bar of the browser.
  4. Enter “” into the search box and search for it.
  5. After you have searched, our site will show up on the display then open the site, click on the search button and enter GTA San Andreas Mod APK. Your game will show up.
  6. Get Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas by clicking on any image that are an outcome of your search. Click on it you will all the data about game and a download button. Press on it to start downloading.
  7. After downloading, go to downloads folder in the file management program.
  8. Click here to download GTA San Andreas APK.
  9. Clicking on Install and allowing third-party installation, the installation process begins.
  10. A game icon is displayed on the main screen of your Android device.
  11. All installed and ready for installation.


GTA San Andreas is an amazing adventure game featuring high-quality graphics and amazing visual effects. It comes with a large map that includes a variety of stunning places. It is possible to roam around freely within this game and even drive vehicles. You can complete missions and earn money within the game. Make use of weapons to kill opponents during missions. Access the menu for Cleo mods in-game to unlock all the items. You can buy unlimited money for anything you like. Make use of cloud-saving features to keep your progress online.

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Q. Is this site safe for downloading APK?

Yes, it’s completely safe to download Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas Mod APK from our site.

Q. Does this also contain an OBB File?

Yes, it is true that the OBB file for Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas is available. You need to download the complete APK at once.

Q. To download this app, do we need a rooted devices?

You do not require any type of root or rooted device. The GTA San Andreas is installed on non-rooted devices.

Q. Does this game cost money?

The answer is no; it is not. This game, Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas, is completely free of cost.

Reviews of GTA San Andreas Cleo MOD APK 

 Veer Singh

The app is awesome and simple to use. It’s super fun and easy to use! However, please include new mods available on the websites, like additional graphics mods, animation mods as well as new bike mods. There are a lot of mods that you can add; it’s impossible to include all of them. However, you can include some of them. You can add new features to the application. In the end, you can include a lot of things in the app. So please add these items. Let me know what you plan to add as things in the future.

 Tetelo James Makuwa

Ah , I love this application. I am awestruck by it that you have to download the cars of your choice as well as other mods. Some might think, “it’s free of charge.” Not to mention that you are able to access your downloads from different phones. Bravo, I honestly think you deserve an 8-star rating. Anyway, I’ve spent more time with this application downloading DDF files. I will appreciate it if you included a few additional pages of DFFs. Keep me informed of any new versions. This is all I’d like to say. 

Sakhe Mabala

The mods are functioning flawlessly. Another thing to do is download it, and the mod is automatically added to your game. Download this game from this site and have fun.

What's new

- Launching game after downloading
- Flipping screenshots
- Rotation 180
- Hindi language
- Portuguese language

New mods:
- CLEO mod (NoClip)
- dff mod (Cars, Bikes, Trains)
- Global Mod (OSA)

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How to Download And Install Download GTA SAN Andreas Cleo MOD APK(Unlimited Cheats, Money) APK?

Click on "Download" Button for downloading free Apk from

1. Tap the downloaded Download GTA SAN Andreas Cleo MOD APK(Unlimited Cheats, Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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