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Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk is an online role-playing game developed through Devsisters Corporation. This game allows players to create their ideal cookie kingdom.
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Feb 10, 2023
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Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk is an online role-playing game developed through Devsisters Corporation. This game allows players to create their ideal cookie kingdom and regain the land from the evil that lurks hidden in the shadows. Create a delicious kingdom and fight the evil desert demons. Collaborate with friends in the guild battles. 

About Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

If you are a fan of RPGs, then you must play this amazing and beautiful game. If you are a fan of an enjoyable RPG, then Cookie Run Unlimited is your perfect game to play. Build an empire and fight with a lot of enemies while you play. There are plenty of enjoyable and rewarding RPG games for players to take pleasure in today. These games let players assume the roles of characters created by the game and play some role to play in the narrative. They are fun and allow players to go through a variety of levels to challenge their abilities and strength.

download cookie run kingdom mod apk


This game is where you’ll be joined by classic cookies to shield the world from disaster. You’ll be able to plan and create your ideal cookie kingdom with amazing new technologies.

New Gameplay Experience

Gorgeous, but not lacking in wild, violent moments. It’s Sweet. However, it is not less intense. You’re a leader who is accumulating abilities, searching, training, and leading your troops on their way to destroying the monsters that lurk in every part of your village.

The Kingdom you are in takes you through many vast lands in the land of sweets. Each land will encounter fierce devils before closing with a huge-star boss. The general rule is that If you beat this particular area and you are able to open the next one. Therefore, once you proceed, there’s no return. In addition to the principal task of assembling troops and fighting against demons, The game also has numerous tasks.

After the wonderful experience of Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk, you may like to play Frontline Commando Mod Apk which allows you to establish a connection to your virtual surroundings. The players can take on challenging tasks, take on enemies, gain more experience in fighting, and earn rewards.

Features of the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

In the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk, it is your responsibility to be prepared for the battle. Gather and combine various cookies to ensure that they will help you. Join all your familiar and friend cookies to enjoy a memorable experience. Let’s look at some of the most amazing features of this sport.

Establish The Cookie Kingdom

Participating in this RPG game will allow players to create their Cookie kingdom. You can gain access to land and build structures on the land. You can also build your army. Expand your territory and create markets around these. In the next step, you’ll be battling bad cookies, and you will test your abilities.

download cookie run kingdom mod apk 1


Collect Cookies

The key is to mix the cookies that share similar qualities. This way, you will be able to explore your realm with ease. Additionally, you can purchase toppings for your cookies to make them look more appealing. By topping your cookies, they make them more unique, both in terms of ability and also visually. Also, check out our recommended gaming Dynamons World Apk and Mod version from our site.

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Arrange Your Cookie Squad

Within Cookie Run Kingdom Mod, you must participate in more than 200 story levels. You will be able to reveal the stories of others. Pick the cookies based on their strengths. Create an entirely new cookie team and lead them. Let them shine and lead them on fighting styles. You may have fought other people; your team can be helpful by this method.

Unlock New Characters

Discover the new and awesome cookie characters and connect them with cookies from friends. The cookies can be unlocked by using Gatcha Cookie Cutters. Based on the abilities of the cookies, you can arrange them in a way that you can reap the benefits of these cookies. There are also magic labs where you can create different kinds of cookies.

download cookie run kingdom mod apk 2


Mod Menu

Cookie Run Kingdom mod Apk will increase your excitement by offering unlimited access to everything. Additionally, you’ll get all premium items that are unlocked and for free within the game. Furthermore, the mod menu is a safe and secure option for your device, with Cookies Run Kingdom codes. Let’s take a look at the special features of Cookie Run: Kingdom mod menu:

Unlimited Gems And Crystals

Cookies Run Kingdom Cheats offers unlimited crystals and gems free. You can now purchase anything you need with unlimited cash, crystals, and gems. Additionally, you can access all areas of the Kingdom by using unlimited resources.

Free Shopping

When playing Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk, it is necessary to pay real money to purchase things. The Cookie Run: Kingdom crack version offers a useful feature that is free shopping for players. You can now play this game without worrying about restrictions that come with its Apk version.

Fantastic Plots

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk offers an intriguing story for gamers with high-quality and entertaining cutscenes. The heroic actions of six brave cookies who faced off against the evil witch are documented in the story of a kingdom made of gingerbread. Split the plot into two major objectives, so the player can keep the right equilibrium between the epic fights and rebuilding the Kingdom’s territory while he alternates between the two.

Gameplay With Multiple Levels

There’s a wide variety of minigames to play along with the different phases in the narrative. To safeguard the earth, we must fight the villainous sweets that are spread across five classes. They can be fought with these sweets in battle due to their unique capabilities.

Warriors are powerful attackers who tend to be at the front of the group. They are skilled in melee and close combat that cause lots of harm. The pros: they’re full of blood.

Get Fantastic Bonuses

Rebuilding a lost kingdom is vital. It requires clearing the forest and building new houses around the world. This requires the exploration and acquisition of materials through Little Man. The player will be recognized for the accomplishment of each mission, including protecting the environment or fixing the city. Additionally, each player in Cookie Run: Kingdom is rewarded each day with money, experience points, and other rare items.

Sound And Graphics

In the background of gaming, you will find a piece of pleasant classical music that is accompanied by lively violin sound effects. Melody is gentle and pleasant. In all of the cutscenes in the game, you are still able to listen to a range of songs with the help of different musical instruments.

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The sound of gurgling is heard when you press any or all of the controls. Cookie Run: Kingdom’s graphic design is impressive in its clarity, and the cartoonish style adds variety to the game’s visuals which makes it wonderful. The graphics are appealing to the eyes, and every realistic persona is distinct.

Most Events

The category of Events is full of special-occasion offers that new players aren’t able to participate in. There are plenty of newspapers in the New Update area that you aren’t able to access or aren’t in a position to do regularly enough to have a significant impact. It is possible to ignore them until you receive an “!” ping. Then you can take the initiative to claim your item.

Gift Month is a daily check-in reward to avail yourself as frequently as you can since the first week will give you a full Epic rare cookie. Achievement Events reward you for things you’re already doing, So don’t stress about them until you get the completion, Ping.

Wishing Tree

It is known that the Kingdom’s Tree of Wishes is frequently ignored. Cookies send out random requests you can fulfill to earn gold and a kingdom experience. Additionally, fulfilling each day of the Tree of Wishes rewards you with rare items that, as the title implies, are very scarce. They are essential for progress and are eventually required to make improvements to the game in general.

It’s important to build up your collection early and continue to harvest them. The Tree of Wishes makes that feasible! If you don’t have time to fulfill 45 wishes per day, you should try to finish them on Fridays and Saturdays (US time zones), which is when you can get the Tree of Wishes awards quintupled.

Unlock Secrets Of The Cookie Run Universe

Adventure RPG story in which you will play through more than 200 stories!

Discover the mystery of the Kingdom’s heroes and fallen heroes in the historical

A solitary RPG in which you can restore glory to the Kingdom

The game is filled with plenty to be done! There are many new locations to discover as well as adventures to go on and dreams to fulfill.” — The animations look amazing. Every attack looks amazing. There are multiple layers. it’s truly impressive. -” Mobile Game of the Week, Cookie Run: Kingdom could be the most adorable base builder for mobile” Pocket Strategies

Have Fun With A Cute RPG

If you like RPG games, there are numerous options available today. Eternium, Postknight, Skullgirls, Tap Titans, Epic Conquest, Nonstop Knight, Guild of Heroes, Genshin Impact, and numerous other RPG games are on the market. These games are based on good and evil. The evil idea that we can all appreciate today. However, if you’re searching for an enjoyable RPG, Cookie Run Kingdom is the most popular choice today.

Although the game uses the same RPG gameplay as the majority of others, it’s developed playfully. Fruits, desserts, and snacks make up the characters, and they are all tasty and fun. It is your choice to build your ideal town, one in which you will enjoy being a chevalier as well as being a chevalier. Then, you’ll be able to complete levels and quests in order to earn a wide range of goods to be used within your Kingdom. You can unlock characters and add them to your cookie team!

Install Guide for Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

In order to download Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk(Unlimited gems, money) and other applications on, follow the following steps.

  1. It is possible to download it by clicking the download link beneath the article. After that, wait a few minutes for the system to immediately install the Cookies Run Kingdom MOD Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK/ DATA file.
  2. In order to install software on different systems, it’s necessary to permit the installation of third-party software.
  3. You can turn on”Unknown Sources” in the “Unknown Sources” setting: Go into Settings, Menu and Security, and search for unknown sources to ensure your phone is capable of installing applications from other sources other than Google Play Store. Google Play Store.
  4. After you’ve completed all the steps previously mentioned, once you’ve completed the above step, log into”Download” within the “Download” folder in the file manager, and select Mod APK you downloaded.
  5. After the installation has been completed, and the installation is complete after the installation has been completed; it is possible to start the application and experience the normal user experience.
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Final Verdict

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD Apk (Free shopping The Cookie Run Kingdom MOD (Free Shopping, all Characters unlocked) is an entertaining and entertaining RPG that’ll transport you to an exciting world filled with amazing actions and events. In this game, you are able to create teams and engage in exciting combats. Additionally, you can use the materials and equipment to construct your fortress. Also, you can use free shopping to upgrade the game. In addition to endless gems, endless diamonds, and other benefits. With better graphics, improved gameplay, the main menu, and many other improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I Download Cookie Run: Kingdom?

To Install Cookie Run: Kingdom Apk Mod, go to the download link at the start of this article or at the end of this article.

. You can find the Apk downloaded file on’s “Download” page. Follow the directions to download, and you’ll be able to download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited gems and cash) at no cost.

The steps for installing after installing the vast majority of games are the same. Go to the menu, then go to security and settings, then search for unknown sources so that your phone is able to install apps from various sources, like Google Play Store. Navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your device, then select the download application. Then when you have it installed and then launched the app onto your mobile. It will take a few minutes until your phone can download the latest Apk.

  1. Do you believe it’s legal to get Cookie Run Kingdom APK Mod (Unlimited gems, cash) via 

The games and applications we provide on our site will be safe and safe for players.

  1. What is the reason you require authorization to play Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Hack (Unlimited gems strong, money )?

The app requires permissions to connect to the operating system that runs within your gadget. When you install an app, it will inform you of the permissions needed to run the application.

Players’ Review

Azure Pawz unlisted

I LOVE THIS GAME!! The graphics are fantastic, and the story is captivating, as are the characters and the possibility of doing many things connected to each other, such as building the Kingdom by producing items and balloon excursions to explore the world, fighting guilds, etc. The thing that has amazed me is that the game is free and includes absolutely no ads. The game is completely free! Even ads that you have to request to receive rewards. The only way to help the developers is through the purchase of in-app items. I’d like to write more, but I ran out of room.

Skye Tan

This game has been able to keep my attention to date. I’ve been playing since the Sonic event. There’s one thing that’s bothering me, and that is the story stage and the dark mode stage. Sometimes they’re just too much, and I cannot improve my cookies in a timely manner. I’ve been stuck on several stages for a while and haven’t been able to advance. Hoping they can ease the pressure by a bit.

What's new

- New Story Episode: Episode 16 "The Eternal City of Wizards"
- The maximum level for the Cookies has been raised.
- New Cookie: Blueberry Pie Cookie (EPIC)


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Click on "Download" Button for downloading free Apk from

1. Tap the downloaded Download Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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