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Archero is an action game in which you as a character is the sole archer of the kingdom who has to fight against the monsters. Archero MOD Apk will allow you to unlock all the impossible features to fight against the monsters.
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Habby releads Archero MOD Apk. The company is not so famous in the market, but their games are exciting and distinctive. They have some relatively popular games on Google Play such as Slidey: Block Puzzle or Flaming Core.

Although they are not an old player on this market, their most recent game has reached millions of downloads on Google Play store with many positive reviews and feedback.

About Archero MOD Apk

Playing with online games is quite entertaining and enjoyable. Games can improve your brain efficiency and may ease you from your everyday hectic and stressful lifestyle. Among these, most of us realize the web is the largest source of entertainment ever offered.

Online gaming is the newest craze in the world. With the improvement of technologies, online gaming joins different players, normally played across the web.

Step up, stack up amazing skills and battle like your life is dependent upon it, for the endless waves of enemies won’t ever give up. And remember, once you die… the only way is to begin all again! So be careful!

In Archer, you’re a kingdom’s best archer, with the duty of combating the dark forces. Things aren’t simple since they have innumerable amounts, and you’re alone with the bow is a company. 

 They won’t quit until murdering you. So struggle to the final arrow and be the protagonist of humanity.

Prepare yourself to get eliminated! You, the sole archer left for beating and also to defy the evil forces. Accelerate! Collect some exceptional skills. Fight like the previous day of your life! And confront the unending torrent of murderous enemies.

As soon as you get overcome, one option left would be to begin from the start. So, be careful! Enjoy the chance of building limitless combinations of unique skills. These abilities are created to your own survival. Find your way out via distinct Earth-facing relentless challenges and creatures.

Archero Mod Apk download Requirements

The requirements for downloading Archero Mod Apk in you Andriod devices are following;

  1. Android smart device with Android 5.0 or upwards running
  2. Powerful and fast Online connection
  3. Archer latest APK file

Supported Devices

Since this app is designed for the Android operating system, the application can be downloaded to any other devices like; 

  • Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Any device which has Android 

Archero Mod Apk Step by Step Downloading guide 

The mod Apk file is quite easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button 
  2. Kindly wait until the file is fully downloaded then you can open it
  3. Install Archero Mod Apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings.

 Main Features of Archero Mod Apk

Following are the amazing key features of this app; 

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Infinite Energy
  • God Mode
  • High Damage Mode
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Archer Kind Mod APK file is easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!


Every phase, you have to conquer monster classes with various powers. They could appear from everywhere, like in the beginning, from your back, or appear at where you are standing. Remain alert and maintain the concentration you want if you do not need to die in this place filled with monsters and demons. 

Besides, there are lots of traps and barriers. The stones may fire several fireballs around, moving electrical traps. They could lead to damage or cause one for a couple of seconds. 

 You can increse other party’s demage with the help of thos MOD APK version.

Anyway, you’ll have the ability to grow the attack rate and the assault range. Hopefully, with three attributes we provide can enable you to perform with this game better.

Thousands and Thousands of Monsters

While playing Archer, the crucial thing you will need to do is categorize creatures. Monsters in this game have many different strike abilities. They can strike long selection, shooting lasers etc. Once you understand how they attack, you’re going to understand how to prevent bullets and pick a convenient and secure place for the assault.

Each phase corresponds to another territory. In case the nearest lands are tough, come back and play with the prior phases. 

To help you concentrate on battling creatures, the game doesn’t ask that you proceed and pick up each coin. Once you clear all of the critters, the quantity of money that drops away will automatically fall to your pocket.

Unlimited Weapons and Skills  

The Archer Mod apk unlimited money you get after killing monsters can purchase weapons and skins. Weapons and characters can also bolster by updating them. In the beginning, you may

shoot 1 arrow every time. 

That number can increase to 7 arrows after you upgrade your arrow and

bow. The skill system of the game is imposing. You will find an assortment of different

abilities with many different effects. 

Pick a skill that works for your weapon and character. Besides, it’s not possible not to mention pets, and they’re your trusted friends on the battle. They can attack enemies, cure or increase your damage.

Great Visuals and Graphics

Not only it has appealing gameplay, but Archer’s game images are also impressive. Stunning 3D images with vivid colours allow you to play games for many hours without feeling exhausted. 

Dozens of figures, tens of thousands of critters designed at a cute, humorous chibi style. As a result of this top perspective, you can see the entire game and prevent monster strikes. Each phase corresponds to new surroundings, new maps that you research. A good deal of interesting things is awaiting you in this particular game.

Different Mods Versions and Features 

Mod Version 1

  • God Mode
  • One Hit

Mod Version 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Enemies Can’t Attack – May not work with all monsters
  • The enemies Can’t Move – May not work with all monsters
  • Your enemies Can’t Divide – Boss/Mobs won’t split
  • One Hit Kill – Kill Enemies with 1 Hit
  • Godmode – Take No Damage
  • Speed Multiplier – x1 – x20 Move Speed Multiplier

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Pros and Cons of this App

It is an extraordinary type of activity game, released by Habby, the famed programmer of Flaming Core. Here your goal should be shielding an alone archer in the hands of wicked monsters. 

Monsters hid in various areas of the planet and dungeons. You have to defeat them to make yourself protected from the enemy strikes, as we understand there’s not any second option. Survival is your utmost thing. 

Additionally, it depends upon how fast you think and requires action. In Archer MOD APK, as soon as you kick starts your first chapter, you will pass through each stage to become promoted to the next degree. Their murdering enemies will present you with coins and points. 

On earning the greatest points, you’ll promote to another level. Next degree, in which a whole group of experience awaits for you. Each chapter differs from their own. So, catch your bow and arrow to step into this gorgeous world.

 (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Is Archero Mod Apk free?

Yes! This Mod Apk of the game is 100% free, and you can download it from my side and the developer’s site.

Is Archero Mod Apk is safe?

Yes! This Mod Version is 100% safe and virus free. And yes! now nothing to fear about your data safety and device security. 

Is Archero Mod Apk is legal?

Yes! It is legal. Developers can modify the apks of different apps and games to enhance their affectability.

It is also a reminder to the users that we are not affiliates of this app.

Here are some Expert Tips for you

  • Prevent enemies and be Fast 
  • Think twice before using your Skills 
  • For upgrades Conserve your Valuable coins
  • Do Not exhaust your Jewels un-necessarily
  • At the Ideal time, Accumulate All of the Point rewards
  • Fuse and Upgrade Gear whenever possible
  • To Obtain free energy watch Advertisements 


Anyone can find this game Archero Mod Apk from here as well as from developer’s website. You can download the original version from Google Play Store. Download now, and revel in the ride! Get Unlimited resources like Gold, Stone, and Energy. Also, get God Mode along with the High Damage Mode. So, from today on, you’re crushing everybody in this game. Get the highest score and divide the bounds.

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What's new

- New Outfit system
- Hero Duo - Auto Match
- New Christmas Gameplay: Snow Fight
- Monster Farm: Collect Eggs, hatch monsters
- New Hero: Ryan
- New Normal/Hero Mode Chapter 18: Escape Chamber
- Newly added 40 Hero Adventure stages
- Christmas Event - Snowman Rewards!
- Newly added Hero Mode Chapter Pack
- Newly added - Cargo Ship, unlocks with the Event



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